Our Campaigns

animation of campaignerWhy do we campaign?

To improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives” is the twin aim of the Citizens Advice service.

Why is this important to us?

In the course of our work we see at first hand the effects of policies and practices from government and non-governmental agencies. This puts us in a good position to comment and to act. Where policies or practices have a negative impact on CAB clients, our Social Policy says that we should lobby for change.

We are independent and impartial so policymakers listen to us.

How do we do this?

We collect evidence of CAB clients’ problems and use this to campaign for change in policies, laws and services. The evidence we collect is in the form of anonymous client cases.

Recent campaigns

Local Welfare Fund – a report which outlines research carried out by Citizens Advice Camden on the Local Welfare Fund and its future.  Camden Council will be reviewing the future of their Local Welfare Fund in 2017 . This paper seeks to inform that process and to support increased collaboration between charities who also provide individual grants to Camden residents and the advice providers in the Borough.
Read the full report here. March 2017.

Making the Poor Pay – a report which looks at the impact of the local council tax reduction scheme in Camden and makes a number of recommendations to achieve best practice.  It is an evidence based report drawn from the experience of advisers and clients across Camden.  October 2015.  Read the briefing note or the full report.

Assessing eligibility for ESA – briefing 290116 and CAB report on WAC

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At a local level, we have been surveying GPs in Camden.

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