Our Trustees

The Board of Trustees is supported in its work by a small Head Office consisting of a full time Chief Executive, an Office Manager and a Financial Controller. The Office Manager oversees the office systems and the Financial Controller draws up budgets in consultation with the Chief Executive, and records and monitors expenditure.

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility on behalf of the Board of Trustees for the management and development of the service. This involves servicing the Board and working with the bureaux and project managers through the Senior Management Team. The Board of Trustees appoints a Treasurer who monitors the financial position of the charity on behalf of the Board.

Our current trustees are:

Dr. Christina Townsend (Chair)

Andi Dollia (Treasurer)

David Atkinson

Ylva Baeckstrom

Paul Duffy

Jean-Michel Garcia-Alvarez

Susan Guy

Helen Macfarlane

Luke Nelson