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Citizens Advice Camden is not just an advice agency. We collect evidence from our clients to highlight recurring problems and campaign for change.

In Camden a wide range of pressing social policy issues are brought to our attention by local people who come to us for assistance. In the course of a year we send powerful in-depth evidence to Citizens Advice for input into national campaigning as a result of our casework for clients.

Our evidence on the problems facing people in Camden is sent regularly to Camden Council and has been included in a number of reports to MPs and Government.

These enable the Citizens Advice to campaign both locally and nationally for improvements in services and in the law by:

  • influencing the Government when they are planning new laws
  • highlighting issues to MPs, councillors and other policy makers
  • talking to local councils about their services
  • discussing problems with companies to persuade them to improve their services

Successful campaigns have resulted in the Government increasing the support available for childcare costs from 70 per cent to 85 per cent for Universal Credit and new guidance for local authorities on collecting council tax arrears.

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