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Help to claim Universal Credit


This is a new volunteer opportunity for the digital age. It is aimed at offering 1:1 support to clients who are unable or struggling to cope with online challenges including forms and applications.

What will you do?

  • Prepare clients to go online
  • Build their confidence to use the internet and reduce fear of IT and technology
  • Help set up online accounts and offer online security awareness
  • Assist with completing and submitting online forms, such as for Universal Credit
  • Refer clients to a Citizens Advice adviser, or another organisation for help with a range of other issues
  • Write a summary of the clients’ problems and what action you’ve take


  • Computer literate
  • Confident using email, internet and Microsoft Office (or similar packages)
  • Competent at setting up accounts (email) and attaching/uploading documents
  • Able to input data and information accurately
  • Patient and with a good manner to support vulnerable clients
  • Be open minded and non-judgmental
  • Enjoy helping people
  • Be friendly and approachable
  • Respect views, values and cultures that are different to your own
  • Have good listening skills


  • Two weeks training of 1 day per week
  • Self-study through Learning and Assessment Records and online e-learning
  • Regular volunteering of one day per week

What’s in it for you

  • It’s an opportunity to learn new skills and to develop existing ones
  • Learn in-depth about Universal Credit application process, build on valuable skills such as communication, digital support skills, and increase your employability
  • A range of wider advice training is available
  • You meet and volunteer alongside a variety of people in a supportive environment
  • You make a real difference in your community, improve peoples’ lives and influence the development of national and local policies and services

How to Apply

For more information, or to apply, email

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